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Noguchi Coffee Tables

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Noguchi Coffee Tables

The popular Noguchi Coffee Tables are made from clear glass in a rounded triangle shape, with a smooth rounded edge. The glass is very thick and heavy at 19mm, and complements the solid timber base beautifully. The base is made from two identical pieces of wood, that have been rounded and smoothed from hard wood. The two pieces interlock and the table sits atop the wood, with no spacers between the wood and the glass. The popular glass Noguchi Coffee tables fit almost any house style, as the round glass and wood combination really is timeless. While the table is big in overall size, with its triangle shape, it can be adjusted to fit almost any space, ensuring there is plenty of room to move around lounge room chairs. Use the Noguchi coffee table in your business reception area, and your guests and clients will be impressed with the style and grace this table brings to any room. It will also make a handy brouchure stand and to hold magazines for your clients.

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